Thinning hajbeültetés has become treated ever for the reason that beginning of civilization. While in the past millenia many physicians have dealt with the problem, but only lately has the approach been identified which gives an extremely effective and organic alternative.

SafeSystem-FUE may be the most up-to-date technique of hair transplantation, and we were amongst the initially to introduce it in order to obtain the best possible end result using a minimum amount of trauma. A number of current developments, not utilized everywhere else, are incorporated in the techniques we complete at our clinic.

The benefits of FUE transplant when compared to strips:

You’ll find no cuts and stitches and you’ll find no scars because the follicular models are extracted just one by a single (a minimally invasive system)
There isn’t any need for even more analgesia subsequent the hair transplant method
Whenever a greater variety of hairs should be to be transplanted, the treatment is usually performed on consequtive times
There is no will need for postoerative treatment (suture elimination and many others.) after the procedure has been carried out
Enough time for healing to the donor space is substantially reduced (from 2-3 months to 1-2 times)

FUE, i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction, methods

FUE, i.e. Follicular Device Extraction, has actually been the greatest breakthrough during the historical past of hair transplantation. Staying comparatively the latest, it is not however greatly employed, a simple fact which makes it specially crucial which the surgeon finishing up the treatment has the mandatory techniques and practical experience.

Owing to latest advancements in microsurgery, authorities in the discipline now use SafeSystem-FUE additionally to FUE. In a natural way, our clinic, like a results of continual progress, features probably the most up-to-date techniques to individuals.

SafeSystem-FUE: Follicular Device Extraction Enhanced

SafeSystem (FUE2) will be the most recent hair transplant process, which was patented because of the United states of america centered HSC-Colorado clinic. In Hungary exclusively the health professionals of HairHungary clinic have with the exact expertise foundation in the procedure, which was elaborated by Dr. James Harris, one of the better acknowledged hair implant specialists in the globe.

The SafeSystem hair transplant course of action is usually a approach which, owing to storage of harvested grafts (hair follicles) inside of a specific follicle regenerating liquid, assures faster hair outgrowth, much more powerful development plus a 10-15 % boost in implanted hair expansion.

The scalp will mend far more promptly and, to be a consequence, some time to return to typical every-day daily life is lowered. Surgeons and histology authorities at our clinic have designed a fresh process, which lessens injury on the follicles for the duration of extraction, storage and insertion to your minimum amount. Specific hair extraction and unique storage make sure the greatest amount of completely intact hair is implanted in the course of the treatment. This complex method has designed SafeSystem-FUE2 a much more highly developed strategy in hair transplant than earlier FUE.

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